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Real time peace of mind

Care Spaces

Care Spaces are simple.  Care partners customize digital Care Spaces on their laptop or PC.  There is no device to wear.  A simple and lightweight application is active on a senior care partner's mobile phone and smart watch.  It interacts with a digital Care Space you create. 

Simply set it and forget it.  

Visual Mapping

With a powerful mapping engine, making Care Spaces in your Caregiver Portal is fast and easy.  Adding additional Care Spaces or making changes are done in real time.  For example, you could have a "walking" Care Space for going to get the mail, and a "driving" Care Space for establishing a driving distance radius from home. 


When a senior care partner leaves a Care Space, real time notifications are sent directly to the care partner.

The care partner will be immediately notified - in real time - and can take action for the senior care partner's safety and comfort. 

  • Customize your notifications based on attributes

    • Active, Inactive movement

    • Battery level

    • Voltage level

    • Movement - fall detection for approved devices, outside/inside a Care Space

    • Frequency of notifications

thumbnail_Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 7.39.09 PM.png


Five types of devices are currently supported.  


Smart Phone

Smart Watch

Smart Watch


Bluetooth Beacons


Smart Plug

Additional hardware to be added quarterly

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