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Real time peace of mind

Healthy Living

Care for an aging loved one requires time and supervision.  Enhancing quality of independent living is our mission.


Homecoming exists to provide preventative solutions that enhance senior independence and freedom.  We provide both senior and caregiver peace of mind using simple familiar technologies.   


Homecoming is simple.  There is no device to wear.  A simple and lightweight mobile application remains active on your loved one's mobile phone,  interacting with an invisible self-made Care Space.  Simply set it and forget it.  

Once your application is set, if your loved one leaves a Care Space, real-time notifications can be sent directly to multiple parties. You can live your lifestyle at ease knowing that in the event your loved one is no longer in a Care Space, you will be immediately notified - in real time - and can take action for their safety and comfort.  

Homecoming allows the freedom to enjoy your lifestyle while extending senior independent living.

Father and Son

How it works

1.  Sign up for the free trial!  After signing up, we will contact with instructions to download the Homecoming Caregiving App. 

2.  Once you and your care partner have downloaded the App building Care Spaces and creating custom notifications is easy! Technical support is always available. 

3.  Experience supported independence and greater peace of mind using the Homecoming Caregiving App. 

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