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Wi-Fi operated Plugs

Plug any electrical device into a supported UL plug and receive power supply notifications no matter where you are.  Monitor internet connectivity, voltage fluctuations and equipment on/off.   


Shelly Plug US

CarePlug monitors critical medical equipment that aren't connected to the internet such as oxygen concentrators and any other connected electrical appliance at home.  Homecoming has certified Shelly Plug US, allowing you to monitor power supplies up to 2500 watts at 12A or up to 1650 watts at 15A.


Monitor Medical Devices

CarePlug monitors critical devices at a distance, sending you immediate notifications when on or off.  Real-time notifications let you know that an oxygen concentrator has lost power, or that an iron or stove has been left on. 


If you are a service operator, quickly dispatch technicians to locations using CarePlugs' powerful mapping technology.  Real-time notifications can initiate service calls with the closest technician.

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